About Me

Developer + Researcher + Program Manager + Designer + Strategist =

Precise user-centered design. On time.

My diverse background has given me insight into the needs and expectations of each role. By understanding technical limitations and market needs, I reduce churn and produce a successful design that is user-centered, robust, and feasible.

Ultimately - I am a driven individual with a technical background who pushes for the adoption of user-centered design in every step of the process.


Bring in the skillset that your project needs

I will be with you every step of the way

Usability Research

Get started on the right foot, or get a feel later in the cycle. I'll create structured protocols with key probing questions, facilitate sessions, and conduct heuristic evaluations to drive the direction of your product.

UX Design

I'll define your user journeys to show you the lifecycle of your product, or explore completely new concepts. For something more concrete: by creating wireframes, dataflows and interactive prototypes, I'll improve your team understanding of how things will look and function.

Product Management

If I act as your product manager, I will represent and push for the best product. To keep things moving forward, I'll conduct competitive analyses, define product use cases, and work through scoping exercises with development, design and QA teams.

Product Strategy

If you're not quite ready for a product manager, or curious about where your product might go, I'll assess your products and help define your long-term direction. Building your product vision will guide your endeavours for years to come, and having the right story will bring the whole team on board.


To get a better idea of your current usage and potential opportunities, I will identify your key data points, uncover vital correlations, and conduct trend analyses. Then, I'll move on to define the best way to present the data to your users.

Design Adoption

If your organization isn't quite on top of modern design practices, I will guide them through the evangelism of good design, followthrough on UX Quality Assurance, and scheduling the integration of design within platforms like JIRA.

Experience, in brief


Researcher, Program Manager and UX Lead on BlackBerry mobile apps and OS for 9 years. Shipped over 40 apps, 20 devices and 3 OS.

SnapPea Design

UX Lead, specializing in requirements analysis, wireframing, userflows, analytics and storycrafting. Clients growing each day.


World building, feature development, system overhaul, game balance, administration and promotion. Hobby work for 10 years.